Qualifications needed to become a Child Psychologist

Becoming a Child Psychologist
If you’re thinking of being a child psychologist there are some points to consider about the training required and the job’s requirements. Additionally, this post will give you an review of the top mental health problems that child psychologists have to Malaysia are able to treat. Listed below are some of the many reasons why psychologists for children might be needed in Malaysia. This article will assist you to select the right career option.

Problems with mental health
When your child experiences mental health problems You’ll realize that they’re far from simply annoying. They can have a serious impact on the child’s lifestyle, stopping children from achieving at school, having fun with friends, or enjoying everyday activities. Fortunately, mental health problems in children are just as prevalent as broken bones. If you are aware of the signs and symptoms of mental health issues in children, you can avoid them from becoming potentially life-threatening. These issues should be addressed as early as possible if parents are involved.

The majority of mental health issues during childhood manifest in the form of externalising and internalising issues. Disorders of conduct such as defiance to authority, social defiance and withdrawal are just a few examples. These can cause ongoing stress for both the person and their families that could lead to increased educational costs along with family consequences. Untreated mental illness can have far-reaching consequences such as substance abuse and violence. At times kids who suffer from mental illness could even take their own lives.

Health issues related to mental health are increasing the burden on our body and is one of the main causes of disabilities and premature death. According to the World Health Organisation predicts that mental health problems will be the primary causes of death for wealthy nations by the year 2030. One in five Australians and one-in-seven children are suffering from disorders of the mind. But only 25% of them receive treatment. In light of the low quality of child mental health services available, the problem is more pressing more than it has ever been. To reduce the rise in child mental illness it is essential to implement efficient prevention methods.

Education required for becoming an child psychologist in Malaysia
If you are interested in becoming a psychologist for children, you should consider pursuing an Masters in child Psychology. An Masters diploma in Child Psychology is a great option for preparing the new generation of leaders. To enroll, you must submit the online application form. In addition, you have to provide your exam results (STPM/O Levels, equivalent qualification) Also, you must be able to provide a diploma certificate or course outline.

It is recommended that you have full-time employment experience after completing your master’s program. There are plenty of jobs in the realm of research where you can apply your newly acquired skills as well as knowledge. Additionally, you can be under the direction of a licensed child psychologist as an intern. This can give you exposure to counselling situations. But, ensure that you’re fully prepared for this phase. You’ll need to devote much time learning in order to become a Malaysian child psychologist.

Master’s degrees and PhDs are needed depending on what specialty you choose for the field of child psychology. It is possible that the requirements for licensing differ from state-to-state however, generally you must have a doctorate as well as the number of hours of supervision are necessary. However, it is strongly recommended to complete your PhD or a doctorate in psychiatry in order to be sure of the highest degree of competence in your profession. In the course of your education, you will gain knowledge in the field via practicals and internships.

Malaysian child psychologists treat typical mental disorders.
In Malaysia Mental health child services are not accessible to the masses. There are only twenty child psychiatrists working, mostly within cities. However, services lack clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. However, despite these limitations, Malaysian professionals are making efforts to increase their offerings and improve their expertise. Nevertheless, it still needs improvements to be on par with the developed nations.

Children’s mental health issues can affect self-esteem, behavior as well as social relationships and academic achievement. As per the British Nationwide survey, one of ten children was suffering from a diagnosable mental health problem which included the most frequent issues being mental disorders as well as ADHD. This disorder is also prevalent in Asia, where prevalence is between 10 and 20%. Psychologists for children can address these issues, and give caregivers and parents the resources to aid their children’s development healthy mental states.

There isn’t one solution to all mental health issues. Early detection is key in Malaysia in saving lives. A program for early diagnosis has been put in place within primary treatment. It involves the validation of screening questions to evaluate the risk of developing autism in an child. In addition, as of 2001, a special education system has been implemented by the Ministry of Education, which is meant to meet the requirements of children who have disabilities. This may have decreased the prevalence of mental health disorders in children with disabilities. Health professionals in the field of mental health must be included in the design of training modules, clinical guidelines and protocols for kids with special needs.